Let us help you sell your products

Do you make items that you would like to sell on The Aloha Market?
Are those items made here on the islands?

Reach a bigger audience for your products! Here´s why you should get in touch with us:

  • Our background is Online Marketing.
    Marcus, the owner of The Aloha Market, has been working in this area for over 15 years and owns two successful Online Marketing Companies, serving about 250 clients at any given time. His team of professional Online-Marketing-Specialists will promote The Aloha Market on multiple channels.
    This means that we will reach an audience you won´t reach by yourself with your own online- or etsy-shop.
  • We will not arm-wrestle you to get low wholesale prices. You set the price and we will deal with it. We want you to make a better living from producing here on the islands.
    However, we obviously will markup your price to cover for transaction costs, marketing expenses, cost of operation and profit. Our markup is a set percentage, so if the base price is too high in the first place, we might not be able to sell your products. 
    Don´t worry about this too much though, we will have higher prices than discount shops, and that´s okay. Our customer base will be less price sensitive and want authentic, Hawaiian made souvenirs.
  • You can obviously still sell at your own (online-)shops at your price point.
  • We see our vendors as partners. And as such, you will be featured with your own page, where we tell customers a bit more about you, why your products are so special, how you make them, etc.
    See an example page here.

Please call Marcus at 808-498-6140 or leave a message below for more details and to get started. You may also download and fill out our listing agreement right away. Mahalo and have a glorious day!