About us

Nikki and MarcusHi, we are Nikki and Marcus. We founded The Aloha Market mid 2018 because we saw a need for an Online-Shop that features exclusively Hawaiian-made products. We just couldn´t stomach those coffee mugs "Made in China" with a Hawaiian motive any more.
Our goal is to create and expand a platform on which Hawaiian vendors meet customers interested in authentic Hawaiian gifts and souvenirs.

The Aloha Market is based in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. We pride ourselves to only feature products in our store that are made on the islands. We will not sell products made in China with Hawaiian motives.

For over 15 years Marcus has helped small family businesses to make a better living. Starting out as a marketing consultant he later on shifted his focus to online-marketing. Together with his staff he still helps about 300 clients each month to reach their audience online.

We treat our vendors as partners. As such, we don´t arm-wrestle them into giving us the lowest wholesale prices possible. We want them to make a good living selling their products.