The Paoli Family

Paoli Paradise Farms started out as the meeting of a dad’s dollar and a daughter’s dream.

Today, this family farm in Captain Cook on the Big Island of Hawaii is home to almost two hundred mature macadamia nut trees, a small coffee orchard, various fruit trees, homestead veggies and herbs, twenty-five crazy chickens and three generations of Paoli’s along with dedicated partners.

While we do not feel compelled to partner with the USDA, we are wholeheartedly committed to using fully organic and sustainable practices. Our mission is to grow the healthiest food possible while simultaneously improving the health of this ‘aina (land) we have been entrusted to steward.

As an estate farm, our coffee receives our constant care, ensuring the highest possible quality. At this sweet spot on our mountain with its amazing climate combined with our all natural farming practices allows our Arabica trees to grow lush and healthy, producing gourmet coffee beans of remarkable size and flavor.

Our coffee is entirely hand picked, washed in rain water, sun dried. When ready for shipping, our premium coffee is expertly roasted and sealed for maximum freshness.

We take great pride in our wonderful 100% Kona coffee, thank you for your support!