The Bee Boys

At Bee Boys, we don't believe the current organic certification is acceptable for clean raw honey. Organic beekeepers are permitted to use chemicals and pesticide treatments in the colonies. Organic beekeepers are also permitted to feed their bees sugar, and then re-sell that 'product' as honey!

We feel this is disingenuous and strive for a better certification. When you see CNG ( certified Naturally Grown) on our products, or any other product, you can bee assured that the product has Bee Boys standards behind them. This standard includes pier colony inspections, Pro pollinator planning , no kill ethic, BEEGAN & beyond organic, biodynamic principles with sustainable action. ​

How Do We 'Save The Bees' ?

Our Apiary and beekeepers work to help save the bees in many diferent ways:

Education : As well as being beekeepers, we are out on the front lines 4 days weekly, educating the public about honeybee stewardship. This information includes how wekeep bees, what you can do to help, and how we are different from other beekeeping organizations.

Practice What We Preach :

We take a holistic, sustainable approach with our bees.

  • We never harvest unsustainable amounts of honey from any beehive . 
  • We never use chemicals in our hives to treat for pests or disease. 
  • We do not feed our bees sugar water or high fructose corn syrups, EVER. 
  • We allow our bees to build all of their own comb, and we never use plastic frames or foundation in our beehives. 
  • We allow our bees to raise their own queens.
  • We do not use Round Up or other chemical herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers on our property.
  • We do not move bees to nectar flows, they remain in one location, their sanctuary home.
  • We allow our bees to swarm, if they choose- and never use queen excluders. 

Innovation :
We are continually working with other like minded beekeepers to come up with sustainable solutions for the problems facing the bees. We listen to the bees and understand that they have changing needs. Our job is to stay sensitive to those needs. It's our duty as beekeepers to challenge our community t