Marie & Markus

Marie und Markus

Marie and Markus live and work, with their beautiful family, on the green side of Big Island on the Hamakua Coast near Hilo.

Using recipes that have been carefully crafted for many years they infuse natural Hawaiian sea salt with flavor that is comprised of colorful local herbs and spices. Some of those spices, such as the Hawaiian Chili Pepper or The Mamaki plant, whose leaves are known to have incredible health benefits, are grown on the property.

The various infusions were inspired by nature - the surrounding rainforests with it's vibrant flora and fauna, active volcano and rich volcanic rock.

The array of colors is associated with the colors of the Hawaiian Islands. Bright yellow for Oahu, pink for Maui, green for Molokai, and of course red for Big Island.

As a spice company, taste plays an essential role in everything: Markus has a passion for unique and extraordinary delicacies which drives him to settle for only the best. He loves to experiment with new mixtures, dries and extracts new essences regularly. most importantly Markus and Marie work with lots of Aloha to bring good taste to the table.