Bret, Mauka Pottery

BretBret was born on Maui 1977. He grew up on Oahu and Maui, always playing outside in nature. Swimming in streams, riding waves, hiking.

He has been interested in art and design from a young age. Bret studied art in New York where he met his wife Jonadine (from Kona) in a drawing class. They moved back to Hawaii in 2007.

Bret started making wheel thrown pottery 5 years ago. Today his focus is on bringing quality pieces to market and helping people beautify their homes. His wife and daughter Ellie (age 5) are now starting to help make handbuilt pieces in the workshop.

Their carefully crafted pieces are inspired by the Kona landscape -turquoise waters, black basalt lava, coral rock, rich brown soil, tropical foliage, gnarled keawe trees. They see pottery as a natural counterbalance to the increase in digital devices in our lives. 

A few fun facts about pottery:

  • Clay is a an abundant natural resource
  • A piece of properly glazed and fired stoneware pottery can last for thousands of years
  • Choosing ceramic products can help lower the use of non-degradable plastic and toxic resins
  • Working with clay can be a wonderfully grounding and zen experience